Organisational Effectiveness

Working Toward A More Effective Organisation

How effective is your organisation’s approach to project delivery? Change the way your organisation delivers, from the top down.

The Benefits of Effective Delivery

Commitment to the metrics and delivery of your organisation’s requirements is at the core of a successful, profitable business.

Implementing an Organisational Effectiveness Strategy Drives Immense Change:

  • Drive your business strategy
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Optimise profitability from the inside-out

Uyandiswa and Your Organisational Effectiveness

We take a pro-active, values-based, development-focused approach to systems change that is reinforced and executed in line with your organisation’s strategy and goals. This builds the capacity to achieve and sustain a desirable new state which benefits your organisation, as well as the communities you serve.

Our Specialised Services for Organisational Effectiveness:

  • Organisational development and design
  • Change management and cultural transformation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Workforce transition

How Uyandiswa Drives Efficient, Effective Change in Organisational Processes.

We achieve positive outcomes by assessing the business need in conjunction with the existing processes, culture, and operational points of your business.

From the top down - touchpoints for organisational effectiveness:

Your company leadership is responsible for articulating the vision and mission of the organisation and driving employee buy-in through defining the culture as well as outlining the targets and deliverables that will enable the company to succeed. This communication is critical.

Selecting and training the right people is a crucial part of the effectiveness process. With the proper analysis and assessment, you can identify the areas in which you need to retrain, upskill, or give input to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of each employee’s KPIs.

Measuring and analysing performance provides a holistic view of the organisation so that you can track where, how, and why deliverables are not being met. Using a standard set of metrics between business units allows you to track operations, opportunities, and improvements.

In an environment where accountability is valued, you can ensure that your employees are delivering on their commitments and driving your strategic objectives.

Effective exchange of information creates a cohesive team with transparent information sharing and improved support throughout team structures. Opening the channels of communication and using the right tools creates an environment that is conducive to the delivery of projects and company requirements.

How your organisation delivers products and services, and how your workforce delivers on obligations and commitments, is a driving force in how your organisation’s structure must be optimised.

Implementing systems that support your objectives and run efficiently is critical.

The process through which you achieve Organisational Effectiveness is supported by the implementation of project management, analytics, and workforce engagement systems. Together, this enables complete organisational involvement and more accurate performance tracking on business units and individuals.

Uyandiswa is a dynamic, level 1 B-BBEE and Black Woman Owned (BWO), value adding programme and project delivery consultancy firm.

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