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Uyandiswa provides the tools you need to optimise your processes and maximise output, in any industry.

Build your Business with Uyandiswa BI Solutions

Business Intelligence and Analytics form a critical part of our service offering. We give you the analytical power you need to optimise organisational processes and improve performance. Our powerful tools ensure excellent data capture, analysis, and interpretation, for improved decision making to make processes, performance, and financial functions more efficient and aligned to your business strategy.

What is BI?

  • Business intelligence (BI) software is a collection of decision-support technologies for enterprises, aimed at enabling knowledge for executives, managers, and analysts to make better and faster decisions.
  • Business Intelligence is implemented with a combination of BI and Analytics software, business process overhaul, data capture and analysis, and alignment of the BI tools structured to your strategic organisational goals.
  • BI allows you to simplify your operational and financial performance management processes, enabling you to maximise the output of your business units.
  • With BI and Analytics taking over the repetitive, everyday tasks that occupy your teams, you will free up your workforce from so that they can better focus their time on innovation and problem-solving.
  • Business Intelligence also gives you the opportunity to reclaim your company data, ensure integrity, and reduce human error in your day-to-day processes.

The benefits of a well-implemented BI and analytics solution.

A well-structured, tailored solution can revolutionise your financial and operational performance management, providing accurate insights that allow more confident reporting, forecasting, and performance tracking.

Get Intelligent with Uyandiswa

Our in-depth knowledge of Business Intelligence makes your data work for you, helping you to drive your strategic objectives. Going beyond BI, we use sophisticated statistical analysis, data mining, and quantitative analysis techniques to identify trends and recurring problems. This allows us to predict future business climates and apply appropriate preparations, not only in your organisation directly, but in your business environment as a whole.

Our BI and Analytics Process

Business Intelligence:

  • Ensure data integrity that gives you one view of the truth in your operations and financial processes.
  • Maintain, optimise, and streamline your operations.
  • Use our tools to analyse your financial and operational performance statistics.
  • Interrogate your data to pinpoint weak areas.
  • Implement practical and efficient methods to address financial or operational performance shortfalls.

Improve your efficiency and empower your decision-making with Uyandiswa Business Intelligence:

Financial Reporting | Big Data Analysis | Data Management | Trend Analysis | Operational Reporting | Financial Reporting | Strategic Reporting and Optimisation

Business Analytics:

  • Ensure data assets are working toward your strategic business objective
  • Track performance of your workforce and improve your management
  • Assess technological performance and efficiency
  • Streamline financial and data-driven processes

Our certified partners help us implement and manage specific technology for your business, according to your unique requirements.

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